Tuesday, August 31, 2004

confessions of an ebay addict

Recently, I have developed a new hobby: I search for super cheap CD's on eBay. So far I've bought the Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Presidents of the USA, all for under $5 (bid + shipping). That's my limit, 5 dollars. I'm not sure why I really gave myself a limit... I guess to reserve bragging rights or something... Used or not, $5 is a great price to pay for a CD. At Quimper, used cd's run around 8-9 bucks, and at least 8 bucks at Wherehouse. I'm getting great deals at eBay, although I've broken my own little saying, which is "It may be cheap, but it's cheaper to not buy it at all", which I say to talk somebody out of buying something they totally don't need, but they want to just cuz it's cheap. Oh well... maybe this is just something I will grow tired of... but in the meantime I'm filling up my 208-cd case and justifying me buying the huge one. (Hmm... that's a sucky conclusion....) umm... HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Okay kids, here's the only surefire way to avoid a ticket of any kind.

recommended blog

Today I noticed there's a link at the top of my blog that lets me randomly surf through other people's blogs, and I came across this one: http://beatdown.blogspot.com/. I like it, it's kinda like maddox except with simpler topics (not that maddox is rocket science, but this site is the condensed version). Check it out if you have time... I'm sure you can agree with a bunch of stuff this guy's talkin about.

"If you stand there like a cow in the field chewing it's cud as the door proximity detector goes off (you're blocking the infrared beam, dummy), annoying the ENTIRE restaraunt, you deserve a plate to the head"

Monday, August 23, 2004

enjoying a problem-free moment

It always seems like there's some problem in my life. At least one. There's always something in the corner of my mind; I haven't finished a huge school assignment, I still need to call my boss and ask him for a week off, I can't find my wallet... stuff like that that I put off and cringe whenever I think of them (all of those were just examples). Up until a few minutes ago, my problem was trying to convince my dad to let me go to the UW. He wasn't not letting me, it's just that he kept trying to get me to be interested in Western since it costs less. For the past few days I've been putting together a little argument, gathering up ammunition to use in my final effort to persuade him, like how the costs between the two are actually very close. But just a couple minutes ago, he came downstairs and asked me if I knew how much it would cost to go to UW. I showed him, and showed him how it was close to WWU's tuition. He had this idea that "UW's tuition raises as much as it can each year", but when I showed him that this year's and last year's tuition was only $600 apart, that theory went out the window. Then he told me that he wasn't going to stand in the way of what college I go to, as long as I work out financial aid and scholarship stuff. Yay. I would celebrate but all I've eaten today is birthday cake and I'm too starving to move anything but my fingers. See ya.

Friday, August 20, 2004

sugar and sparta and stupidity, oh my!

YAY!!! apparently there is a new flavor of mountain dew floating around somewheres called "mountain dew: pitch black"... mountain dew with grape flavoring... i must try some... i just bid again on ebay for a sparta live cd with a sticker... the auction ends in 9 hours and i will be one happy something if i win... tomorrow i'm going to silverdale and i want to buy several cd's: the presidents 2, minus the bear, and q & not u... those last 2 will end up being impulse buys because i just discovered them today... i just feel like buying cd's... minus the bear appeals to me because they have long creative titles that have nothing to do with the songs themselves, just like brand new, so they must sound like brand new, right? Yes. Correct. What else... hmm... i'm tired as crap and my mom is telling me to go to bed... not because she wants me to or because she thinks i should, but because she's a parent... whatever... why the CRAP am i still awake.... see ya

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hail to the Presidents

Today I bought the new Presidents of the United States of America CD called "Love Everybody". It's just a really fun CD that's not too hardcore or mellow, which is obvious if you've ever heard of the Presidents... it's got funny lyrics and is great just for hanging-out-and-doing-nothing-aka-driving music. Like Napoleon Dynamite, I don't know how anybody could dislike it, and therefore, I recommend it to everyone and their mom. On a somewhat similar note, I'm gonna make a little note to myself and my readers so's I don't forget: I want to go to the Switchfoot concert on October 11 at the Moore Theatre. Yay! Some more things I'm looking forward to that you most definitely care about: Relient K's new CD hopefully on November 2nd, Brand New's new CD (their website says they're recording in September... so I dunno when it'll be out... anybody know the gap between recording and having it in my hands?)... Finch's new CD around New Year's... hmm... that's all I can think of for now... the drive-in on Saturday I'm looking forward to as well... hopefully tomorrow I'll conjure up more things to hope for. Until then, I'm looking forward to a cold glass of milk and slumber. 'night.

Monday, August 09, 2004

almost done tying the noose...

holy CRAP... i went to the mountain dew site, and the friggin' mini fridge is sold out... why do they hate me... all this freakin mountain dew rotting my innards for NOTHING... ah well... i don't need a fridge anyway... i'll just pick out something else... the wall light is pretty cool... couple 'a duffle bags on there... a blanket... i'll just pick something else out... i've been working for months and literally digging through garbage trying to earn enough points for that blasted fridge, but i won't let it get to me... let's think this through... if i got the fridge, i would have to clean my room in order to make room for it, and i don't wanna do that... the only time i'm ever in my room is the 2 minutes preceding and following my nightly slumber, and i wouldn't drink anything in that time... it woulda been cool for college, i s'pose... but maybe they're already provided... my dorm at CWU had one, and the room was crappy even... i'll pick something else out instead... all is well... at least i can stop drinking the stuff now... i doubt i ever will again... i think i've done the unthinkable... i have gotten sick of mountain dew! blah, and good night.


ah, the phrase that everybody kept repeating at Boys State while I had no clue what was going on. Good ol' larry the cable guy. I wonder... does that guy talk like that all the time? What percentage of comedian's bits are true stories? i mean, they claim they're all true, when obviously some aren't... Does Larry the cable guy go home at night to a wife and kids, or does he just sit at the end of his bed staring at the wall, talking in that low, redneck voice to himself all night? The world may never know. Speakin of boys state, i'm gonna go to the website and see if they added any more pictures. if there's anything noteworthy, i'll report. if not, i'm going to bed.. i feel sick.. adios... GET 'ER DONE!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

rambles in the brambles

yesterday was fun. tim and i went bowling with our friends paul and timmy. we saw napoleon dynamite, which is the funniest movie ever. i am so close to saying it's the best movie i've seen all summer, but i don't know. we snuck in a bunch of snacks in a backpack, and they nominated me as the carrier because i look the "most innocent" or something. they'll regret they said that. oh yes they will. so anyways, i got the nickname backpack which is cool by me. we also went bowling and i bowled a 172, which i'm going to say is my best game ever. one time on new year's i went bowling at like 3 in the morning with my youth group, and i was bowling with two other people on a lane. they both decided they didn't want to bowl anymore, so soon i was bowling as three people, and i got so many strikes. but i never got to finish all three games. if i was just bowling as one person, i would've had a huge score, but since i wasn't, i won't count that. so it's official: my highest score is 172. then other stuff happened. sorry. right now i'm super tired and i have a headache and i'm super hungry. whitney comes home tomorrow after about two weeks of hiding away in the jungles of peru. yay! oh yeah... MARIE: WHAT IS YOUR BLOG URL? sorry, i'm not shouting... just want to make sure i get my question across :D .... ok then.... i think i'm gonna eat ice cream then play the getaway... commence comments.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

my music

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Here it is: The long-awaited list of the greatest CD's ever to be made... in my little world. If you don't have them, buy them. If you can't afford them, steal them. Drumroll, please... *Ahem* In no particular order, here are my top 3 favorite CD's (at the moment)...
  • Brand New, "Your Favorite Weapon"
  • blink-182, "blink-182"
  • Sparta, "Porcelain"

Now don't get me wrong, I like all the CD's I have, but those three are definite standouts. Which brings me to something else I've wanted to blog about... This year (as in school year, or whatever), I want to go to a lot of concerts. I definitely want to go to a Brand New concert sometime, and Relient K if they go to the whereabouts of Seattle. Blink might be a little too crazy, but maybe them too. I just realized that I like concerts and I haven't been to as many as I'd like. Hmm, right now I'm gonna go to the Showbox's website and comment on what I see... hold on...

Ok, absolutely nothing in the year 2004 interests me at the Showbox. Hmm... what other venues are there? Crap if I know... see, if i went to as many concerts as I should be going to, I would know these kinda things. I'll research some more sometime. Right now I'm gonna play poker over at good ol' pogo.com. Your mission: buy my favorite CD's and comment on my blog. Adieu.