Friday, August 20, 2004

sugar and sparta and stupidity, oh my!

YAY!!! apparently there is a new flavor of mountain dew floating around somewheres called "mountain dew: pitch black"... mountain dew with grape flavoring... i must try some... i just bid again on ebay for a sparta live cd with a sticker... the auction ends in 9 hours and i will be one happy something if i win... tomorrow i'm going to silverdale and i want to buy several cd's: the presidents 2, minus the bear, and q & not u... those last 2 will end up being impulse buys because i just discovered them today... i just feel like buying cd's... minus the bear appeals to me because they have long creative titles that have nothing to do with the songs themselves, just like brand new, so they must sound like brand new, right? Yes. Correct. What else... hmm... i'm tired as crap and my mom is telling me to go to bed... not because she wants me to or because she thinks i should, but because she's a parent... whatever... why the CRAP am i still awake.... see ya


At 9:25 AM, Blogger marievm said...

those names sound like a ripoff of bacardi. i'll ttyl

At 11:59 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Justin, honest to god, i think you drink more soda than andy. no kidding. thats when you know you have a problem.


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