Saturday, July 31, 2004

hola bloggy

So I was drivin home tonight and i realized something pretty cool... this whole time i've been thinking that whitney gets back next wednesday, but i realized that wednesday is the day that she LEFT, so the 9th is actually next monday... so that was a cool surprise... like finding money in your coat pocket... like i should've known that, but didn't think of it at first... yep, anywho... i've seen 4 movies in the last 3 days which is pure crazy... hmm, what else... yeah, i'm trying not to duplicate what tim put in his blog cuz we did the same stuff today... marie's cool to hang out with... she's like one of the guys, just with really long hair ;) ... man, i have spent so much money lately... i'm kinda try to slow down... what exactly it is i'm saving for is beyond me though... well, i'll try to update tomorrow... buenas noches


At 6:27 PM, Blogger marievm said...

sounds good...and repeat what tim said, who cares? you could even cut and paste. it'd be that much easier on you. :P yay i'm one of the guys except with long hair! i feel...manly? hehe hope to see ya again sometime soon. you're always welcome back here.


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