Sunday, August 08, 2004

rambles in the brambles

yesterday was fun. tim and i went bowling with our friends paul and timmy. we saw napoleon dynamite, which is the funniest movie ever. i am so close to saying it's the best movie i've seen all summer, but i don't know. we snuck in a bunch of snacks in a backpack, and they nominated me as the carrier because i look the "most innocent" or something. they'll regret they said that. oh yes they will. so anyways, i got the nickname backpack which is cool by me. we also went bowling and i bowled a 172, which i'm going to say is my best game ever. one time on new year's i went bowling at like 3 in the morning with my youth group, and i was bowling with two other people on a lane. they both decided they didn't want to bowl anymore, so soon i was bowling as three people, and i got so many strikes. but i never got to finish all three games. if i was just bowling as one person, i would've had a huge score, but since i wasn't, i won't count that. so it's official: my highest score is 172. then other stuff happened. sorry. right now i'm super tired and i have a headache and i'm super hungry. whitney comes home tomorrow after about two weeks of hiding away in the jungles of peru. yay! oh yeah... MARIE: WHAT IS YOUR BLOG URL? sorry, i'm not shouting... just want to make sure i get my question across :D .... ok then.... i think i'm gonna eat ice cream then play the getaway... commence comments.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Tim said...

BACKPACK RULES! justin, you're ok. is marie's blog.


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