Saturday, July 31, 2004

hola bloggy

So I was drivin home tonight and i realized something pretty cool... this whole time i've been thinking that whitney gets back next wednesday, but i realized that wednesday is the day that she LEFT, so the 9th is actually next monday... so that was a cool surprise... like finding money in your coat pocket... like i should've known that, but didn't think of it at first... yep, anywho... i've seen 4 movies in the last 3 days which is pure crazy... hmm, what else... yeah, i'm trying not to duplicate what tim put in his blog cuz we did the same stuff today... marie's cool to hang out with... she's like one of the guys, just with really long hair ;) ... man, i have spent so much money lately... i'm kinda try to slow down... what exactly it is i'm saving for is beyond me though... well, i'll try to update tomorrow... buenas noches

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

time to update

alright, i should probably update this once in a while just to keep it alive, so here goes... umm, yeah... hi... how goes it... i won $2.50 tonight playing poker, which is better than nothing i suppose... i got a book today called "why so many gods?" which is like a textbook explaining each religion which i find interesting, plus i'll probably be able to use it a lot in cwp next year... i woke up feeling sick this morning but i feel alright now... hopefully i won't feel sick in the morning again... it's weird, sleep either worsens your cold or makes it better... anybody else notice that?  i think it's retarded... like a submarine screen door... ah, random commentness... hmm, what am i doing tomorrow... working from 9:30-6 and then not a whole heck of a lot more... whitney's in peru until august 9th, just to visit her volleyball coach... oh well... more power to her... there's no turning back now i guess... alrighty, hopefully something remotely interesting happens tomorrow that i can blog about... and if not, i'll just blog about something random, which i pretty much do anyways... sayonara

Sunday, July 25, 2004

hey hey hey!

yay, i'm back and stuff... creation was great and it was around 100 degrees the whole time... i think i'm a little tan, but i can't tell... i got 5 cd's, most of which i already had burned: a couple switchfoot, relient k, kutless, and this new band called hawk nelson... i've never heard of them, but they're pretty good... anyways, i want to post about this instead of commenting just so i have something else to blog about, but there was this drawing to win all sorts of musical crap, like an electric guitar or acoustic guitar, or mics or keyboards and lots of crazy crap... i entered to win a bass guitar and of course lost, but yeah, that would be crazy fun to start a band... ooo, i just remembered, i thought of a cool band name today... "the mailbox spiders"... actually it's kinda dorky, but kinda cool if you're weird like me... anybody else have tons of spiders and spiderwebs all over your freaking mailbox?  it's upsetting... anywho, i'm signin off and i'll comment on other ppl's blogs later on sometime... i'm kind of in a gaming mood right now, so that's where i'm heading.... commence comments.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


inspired by tim, here is a list of cd's that i want...
  • make yourself
  • a crow left of the murder (the above 2 i already have burned, but i want the real ones)
  • two lefts don't make a right, but three do... (again, have burned but i'll probably buy it at creation)
  • the wolf (dunno if it's as good as the first, but i'd like to give it a shot)
  • kutless (probably a creation buy... i love that cd tent)
  • beautiful letdown (creation)
  • yeah, any switchfoot cd pretty much
  • some cd's that haven't been released but will be hopefully this year: brand new, finch (uhh... i thought there were more.... oh well)

yep, there we go... i think i'll also shop around for a bigger cd holder... i have some cd's laying around my car unprotected, which isn't good cuz they could be exposed to the sun or those annoying people who like to sit down without looking... cheers

(an english guy came in my work today and said cheers when he left... i thought he was cool... more people should say cheers...)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

best... milkshake... ever

ingredients: nerds, caramel/vanilla ice cream, milk, sour patch kids
results: crazyness

never expect anything

randomness is life. nothing will ever go as planned. things are only perfect in movies, and even then it takes months of rehearsal to complete them.  expecting something is more foolish than continuously lighting matches and thrusting your hand into gasoline. if you don't get burned now, you will soon. cherish the coincidental strokes of luck that pass you by because, well... they're passing you by.

drive-in = summer

Tonight I think I'm going to the drive-in to see harry potter and I'm excited about that... not necessarily to see harry potter, but just to go to the drive-in... the drive-in really defines summer for me, and i've worked so much this summer that i need a break to remind myself that we're still out of school and stuff... so yeah... yay... commence comments

Thursday, July 15, 2004

must... stop... blogging...

Ok, last blog for the night, I swear... I just remembered something, though... I had a dream last night that I was talking to my old buddy Ruben, who moved away in 8th grade, and he said he was coming to visit for 5 days... which is really coincidental when compared to Brandon's sudden visit to town... maybe ruben's coming back sometime... that would be awesome... ruben's the man... ok, adios

happy happy joy joy

ahh... ok, i'm back... just want to gleam over my awesome day once again... sparta's new cd kicks 100% metaphorical butt (holy crap it's good), i'm going to Creation, whitney's coming home tomorrow (earlier than i thought before), I met with brandon again (totally freakin randomly awesome), and how dare I forget the free sandwich i got at subway... what else?  ah yes... pay day... watched "signs" at work and i'm pumped for "the village"... ahh, this day ruled... whoa!  some other language in a sparta song! freakin weird... sweet, sweet randomness... can't wait to see what happens tomorrow... see ya then.

successful something

Well, dinner was cool... kinda awkward though... I mean, it's nearly impossible to catch someone up on six missed years... Brandon and I just told a few funny stories and talked about our different towns and states and stuff (he lives in Virginia).  It was nice catching up a little bit and really cool to see him, but it'll never be like it used to be. We haven't really grown apart, we're still pretty much the same guys... but at times we seemed like strangers... what happened in the past is in the past. There's nothing I'm sad about though... i'm glad i got to see him. that was completely cool and random. i hope we keep in touch.  alrighty then.... i'm gonna listen to my new cd and stuff... commence comments. (holy crap, that's an awesome phrase... i rule... DON'T STEAL IT).. ok.. *ahem*.. Commence Comments!


Remember those Quizno's commercials with those little creepy awesome dudes? Check this out:

Yay! Holy crap! Yay!

The most random and crazy thing happened today.  I was at work (ok, I'm still at work), when this guy walked up to me and said "Hey, Justin?".  I said "Yeah?", then realized it was my friend Brandon, who I haven't seen in almost six years.  He looked totally different, yet kinda the same, if ya know what I mean.  This is an awkward age to meet up with someone after a long time cuz we've both grown up and changed so much.  So he and his family saw my mom at the store and she told them I was working here, and tonight we're going out to dinner with them.  It's gonna be so weird and cool at the same time.  Man, six years of stuff to talk about.  Crazy randomness... It's like in Castaway when he finally comes back and meets his ex-girl.  Except I thought that part sucked cuz they weren't that emotional.  I was hoping for like a "holy crap, you're alive!" type meeting.  lol... when I saw brandon all i said was "whoa....".  In other news, I got people to work for me so I could go to Creation.. yay!  and whitney's coming home tomorrow... yay!  and i finally got the new sparta cd today... yay!  nothing can ruin this day... well... maybe if nobody comments on this... that would suck...  see ya.