Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yay! Holy crap! Yay!

The most random and crazy thing happened today.  I was at work (ok, I'm still at work), when this guy walked up to me and said "Hey, Justin?".  I said "Yeah?", then realized it was my friend Brandon, who I haven't seen in almost six years.  He looked totally different, yet kinda the same, if ya know what I mean.  This is an awkward age to meet up with someone after a long time cuz we've both grown up and changed so much.  So he and his family saw my mom at the store and she told them I was working here, and tonight we're going out to dinner with them.  It's gonna be so weird and cool at the same time.  Man, six years of stuff to talk about.  Crazy randomness... It's like in Castaway when he finally comes back and meets his ex-girl.  Except I thought that part sucked cuz they weren't that emotional.  I was hoping for like a "holy crap, you're alive!" type meeting.  lol... when I saw brandon all i said was "whoa....".  In other news, I got people to work for me so I could go to Creation.. yay!  and whitney's coming home tomorrow... yay!  and i finally got the new sparta cd today... yay!  nothing can ruin this day... well... maybe if nobody comments on this... that would suck...  see ya.


At 5:48 PM, Blogger Richard said...

whoa no way dude, is it brandon jaramillo (or however you spell it) that your talkin about?? if it is, he was the first person i met here, he lived 2 blocks away from me and we would like play baseball and n64. have fun


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