Sunday, October 31, 2004

happy halloween

ah, great weekend. on friday i went to tim's and we watched tommy boy, greg the bunny, and some of the scariest movie moments of all time. that was fun. after that we went to safeway to get jojo's and we saw andy and whitney and miranda and amanda there. then we went to the football game, and afterwards we went to miranda's w/ whit, brittany, courtney, and ben. she has one cool house, i tell you what. coolest sink i have ever seen. we watched a couple movies (not the best movies i've ever seen, but it was fun to just hang out), and went home late. yesterday i went to silverdale with my dad to get a digital camera, but we didn't find the one i wanted, so i just got a cd (minus the bear, i finally found it, and in best buy of all places!). then later i went to the concert(s) at the legion. i'd never been to any local concerts and it was pretty cool. the bands went from sucky to awesome and i want to go again sometime, but i'm going along with whitney and miranda's promise to never go to one once we graduate.... there were so many losers who should be in college or at least far away. i don't want to be like them. well, either in college or doing something with there life is what i should say. so i said it. ok, today i went to church and then work and then home and then the young life "AWESOMETASTIC HALLOWEEN PARTY!!". i dressed as, you guessed it, napoleon dynamite. right away these 2 girls recognized me and were screaming and laughing and it was great. then these guys shouted "napoleon!!" and i just kinda smiled and waved. it's funny how either people look and turn away cuz they don't get it, or they freak out cuz they've seen the movie. so later i got up stage for the "most creative costume" contest. people stood in a line and the guy put a mic in front of you and i said "umm... i'm napoleon dynamite" and i was surprised at how many people cheered. anyway, i won that and got a certificate for free breadsticks and pop, and then miranda and whitney started chanting "dance! dance!", so i defied my conscience and did a little napoleon dance. the rest of the party was alright, except that whitneys brother and cousin were bugging the crap outta me. earlier i pushed jordan down to the floor and i swear that if jj poked me with his pitchfork one more time i was gonna punch him in the face. other than that it was pretty fun. now i'm slacking on my homework and cringing from the pain in my back. freakin' spider bites. if i don't turn into spider-man soon then i'm gonna be pissed. see ya.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Goodbye, childhood...

Well, this is it... the final evening of being a kid. I'm kinda nervous because there's so many things I could be doing or should do tomorrow to make it the best birthday ever. Well, it probably will be anyways, but when I was younger, I was really into the details of my birthday. I would always calculate exactly how many days old I was and think about how weird it was that I was a year older. Now that I'm going to be 18 tomorrow, things will be kinda different, but I don't think I want to dwell on it too much. Sure, I will buy scratch tickets and vote and whatever else I'm allowed to and want to do, but I know I won't feel different, so I shouldn't be so dramatic. I've thought that perhaps I should act more mature, but I would just be faking it, and besides, even acting mature would still be acting. I am whoever I am all the time. I think Alex, a guy I work with who's 18, put it best when he said that when you're 17, you act like a 12-year-old, and when you turn 18, the only thing different is you'll act like a 12-year-old in a casino. So that's that... I'm just gonna keep being who I am and take advantage of what I'm allowed to do when I'm 18, but I won't change to fit my age. So with that out of mind, I'm going to have the best day ever tomorrow. w00t!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

justpoleon dynaskins ... flippin' SWEET!

Ah, today was great. It was the long-awaited nerd day at school, and the day I have been planning on dressing up as Napoleon Dynamite. I got up at 5 a.m. to prepare (it didn't take me that long, I also just wanted to get to the ASB meeting early to avoid having a full classroom be the first ones to see me in costume... embarrassing...). Yesterday I bought some (semi-) cheap reading glasses from Don's Pharmacy and I smashed out the lenses with a hammer, and they were perfect for Napoleon glasses. Along with those, I had my "Vote for Pedro" shirt, my dad's black watch, some jeans, and some black moonboots. I also blow-dried my hair to the perfect degree of messyness. I was radiant with awesomeness. So I got to school like 20 minutes before the meeting started and was the first one there. Before I actually got to school I was pretty nervous because embarrassment is my worst fear ever, but I just kept telling myself that I'm a senior and if I don't do this now then I never will. Before I left the house, Jared saw me in costume and he laughed even though he was half-asleep, which is a sure sign that I looked funny and therefore like Napoleon. So anyways, back to school. Miranda and Whitney liked my costume and other people commented on it too. Trouble was, though, that nobody had seen the dang movie except for me and Whitney and Miranda and Tim and Jared... finally some kid said that movie was awesome and Ingrid said the same thing. It was good to finally get some recognition. Then in CWP I had to give a presentation on Ralph Nader, so I taped the name "Ralph" over Pedro. It was great, except people who hadn't seen the movie started calling me Pedro. For shame! When school ended I had to go to work, so I changed back into my normal shoes, threw an overshirt over the Pedro shirt, and went to work, but my hair was still messy so they were teasing me about it all day. Yep, that's what happened. Earlier Tim asked me if I would do it again, and yeah, I would... but only if I went back in time. If tomorrow was another nerd day, I wouldn't do it. The novelty would've worn off and people still wouldn't get it. If more people had seen it, it would have been great. Maybe I'll be Napoleon again for Halloween ... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

yay music yay

Good evening for music in justin's world... I've been checking Brand New's website every day for like the last however many months, looking for any news regarding their new album whenever the heck they decide to put that out... and finally a change today! In the news section, they put "New site coming soon", which is promising... also, i remembered a band that i like, Brave Saint Saturn, and checked out their website, which is still as sucky as last year, so I figured they were no more, since it was just a side project of Five Iron Frenzy, which I never could bring myself to like cuz I'm not a fan of ska (sorry, mark). I don't know what it is... i guess it all just sounds the same to me. So brave saint saturn is like five iron frenzy minus the ska part, and with a space-techno rock theme thingy... so i went to five iron frenzy's website looking for some news on what the main dude is up to, and there was a link to yet another band he made, called roper... i listened to some of their stuff and it's awesome... it's the same guy from five iron frenzy and brave saint saturn, without the ska and weird space theme, respectively... except now his band has a mullet, hillbilly-like theme... can't he just have a normal band? oh well... listen on, people

Saturday, October 02, 2004

note to self

must attend sparta concert, november 29th at the showbox
who's with me?

licorice and crazy dreams

Yesterday I was so frustrated in calculus... I got my test back with a C+, which is better than an F any day, but it's obviously still sub-par. Plus the whole time Tim and Whitney were talking about colleges, which I hate doing because every time people mention something about college I freak out about how i need to start visiting some, how my grades are going down, how i'm still not exactly sure where i want to go or why i need a letter of recommendation or how i'm going to pay for it and i get all stressed out. But in accounting i apologized to whitney and talked with her and she made me feel better about the whole thing so that was that. And we were starving so during our break we bought scary cakes (with S'CREAM filling!!) and pop tarts. After that we went to lunch and then photography. It took me the whole period to (still forget what it's called, so i'll say "print") my first photo, since i'm a huge perfectionist. I did one with a spot of sunlight going through the trees. A lot of people said they liked it, but i wasn't so sure of it... i kinda wanted to do a picture of something, not just trees... but maybe i'll do another one on monday. Then after school I went and visited Steve at his new store, where he and his friend were hooking up these two big screen TV's. It looks cool cuz you can see it from the street and i want to see them on one time at night, it would be awesome... so i talked to him for a bit and watched a little spider-man, then went to the bank. Then i went to my dad's work to get some big paper so i can make newsletters for my boss for community service hours. He offered me the job for his .. i dunno what to call it... well, it's Trout Unlimited, which like protects streams or something.... go to the website if you really care... Later I went to the football game and sat with whitney and tim. We kicked butt and i re-realized how much i like to watch football games. Then whitney went home cuz she was tired and i decided to go along with tim to San Juan Baptist to hang out for a bit like i did once last year. I knew there was a Halo tournament, and i thought i would just go and hang out, cuz i suck at halo.. but when i got there there were hardly any people there so i grabbed a controller and played.. there were two big screens and it was cool cuz i've never done that before.. i sucked but luckily nobody yelled at me for bringing down their team in a flippin' video game... after that tim and i played ping pong, and i drank a mountain dew and ate a ton of licorice (red vines, of course... none of that fake plastic twizzlers crap!)... then i went home. Weird thought... i swear my nose was messed up or my sense of smell was heightened, and i blamed it on the licorice for some reason, cuz i could smell everything really strongly or something (sorry, it's hard to describe it the day after...), but maybe it was just allergies or sinuses something. Then i went to bed kinda early. Ok, you know how when you take cough medicine or something before you go to bed and it messes with your dreams? that totally happened to me last night... I had a dream i was in disneyland or something with a group of people, and i broke into this house, which was the recording studio for some kid's puppet show. I jumped out and screamed at the lady controlling the puppets "YOUR SHOW IS BORING!!" or something... and i mighta been in my underwear (sorry, too much info i know)... anyways, i ran away and busted out of a window and tried to escape but the house was surrounded by a fence... somehow i got out and there was mr. kent, and i talked to him for a while, then in the newspaper the next day was a story of somebody breaking in to the house, so i tried to avoid getting caught.... and that's all i'm going to say... i don't really remember much else except for me hopping through barbed wire at one point and joining the army or something... i love messed up dreams... they're awesome... *ahem*, anyways... Today i went to silverdale and bought green day and the presidents "freaked out and small".... i almost bought a glassjaw cd too, but i decided to keep looking for it on ebay cuz it's bound to come up for cheap sometime soon... green day probably won't cuz it's recent and i've looked for the PUSA cd on ebay but it's never on there... now i gotta work on my english project, which is teaching the class about the history of literature in China. I was totally gonna have the class write haikus, but I looked them up this morning, and.... THEY'RE JAPANESE!!! GAH!!! so that plan went down the drain. But I think I have another plan... Mr. Pierson said that if we don't give a good enough presentation or if we "don't mean it" or whatever he's talking about, he's gonna make us do it again. So i'm gonna do a sort of timeline on a poster board and try to make it nice and fancy, so that even if he thinks it's not good enough, he won't make me do it again after seeing how long i spent working on the poster... of course, i won't work on it long at all, but he won't know that. I hate that class, yet i love it... we hardly get any work, yet when we do it's beyond retarded... Ok, well.... commence comments. Adios.