Sunday, October 31, 2004

happy halloween

ah, great weekend. on friday i went to tim's and we watched tommy boy, greg the bunny, and some of the scariest movie moments of all time. that was fun. after that we went to safeway to get jojo's and we saw andy and whitney and miranda and amanda there. then we went to the football game, and afterwards we went to miranda's w/ whit, brittany, courtney, and ben. she has one cool house, i tell you what. coolest sink i have ever seen. we watched a couple movies (not the best movies i've ever seen, but it was fun to just hang out), and went home late. yesterday i went to silverdale with my dad to get a digital camera, but we didn't find the one i wanted, so i just got a cd (minus the bear, i finally found it, and in best buy of all places!). then later i went to the concert(s) at the legion. i'd never been to any local concerts and it was pretty cool. the bands went from sucky to awesome and i want to go again sometime, but i'm going along with whitney and miranda's promise to never go to one once we graduate.... there were so many losers who should be in college or at least far away. i don't want to be like them. well, either in college or doing something with there life is what i should say. so i said it. ok, today i went to church and then work and then home and then the young life "AWESOMETASTIC HALLOWEEN PARTY!!". i dressed as, you guessed it, napoleon dynamite. right away these 2 girls recognized me and were screaming and laughing and it was great. then these guys shouted "napoleon!!" and i just kinda smiled and waved. it's funny how either people look and turn away cuz they don't get it, or they freak out cuz they've seen the movie. so later i got up stage for the "most creative costume" contest. people stood in a line and the guy put a mic in front of you and i said "umm... i'm napoleon dynamite" and i was surprised at how many people cheered. anyway, i won that and got a certificate for free breadsticks and pop, and then miranda and whitney started chanting "dance! dance!", so i defied my conscience and did a little napoleon dance. the rest of the party was alright, except that whitneys brother and cousin were bugging the crap outta me. earlier i pushed jordan down to the floor and i swear that if jj poked me with his pitchfork one more time i was gonna punch him in the face. other than that it was pretty fun. now i'm slacking on my homework and cringing from the pain in my back. freakin' spider bites. if i don't turn into spider-man soon then i'm gonna be pissed. see ya.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Tim said...

"i tell you what" lol, as bill engvall, says, only people from texas can say that and have made a complete sentence. are you sure you did a little dance? i dunno if you would do that. so anti-justin. its like bazaro justin. weird

At 8:41 PM, Blogger nitsuj said...

Yeah, you're right... I'm restricted from saying "I tell you what". And as for the dancing... well, I guess the only explanation I have is that I was trying to be Napoleon, and if he can work up the nerve to dance on stage, I should be able to too... granted, that was (most likely) the last time i'm ever doing that. besides, nobody really laughed anyways. oh well. yay.


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