Wednesday, October 06, 2004

yay music yay

Good evening for music in justin's world... I've been checking Brand New's website every day for like the last however many months, looking for any news regarding their new album whenever the heck they decide to put that out... and finally a change today! In the news section, they put "New site coming soon", which is promising... also, i remembered a band that i like, Brave Saint Saturn, and checked out their website, which is still as sucky as last year, so I figured they were no more, since it was just a side project of Five Iron Frenzy, which I never could bring myself to like cuz I'm not a fan of ska (sorry, mark). I don't know what it is... i guess it all just sounds the same to me. So brave saint saturn is like five iron frenzy minus the ska part, and with a space-techno rock theme thingy... so i went to five iron frenzy's website looking for some news on what the main dude is up to, and there was a link to yet another band he made, called roper... i listened to some of their stuff and it's awesome... it's the same guy from five iron frenzy and brave saint saturn, without the ska and weird space theme, respectively... except now his band has a mullet, hillbilly-like theme... can't he just have a normal band? oh well... listen on, people


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