Tuesday, October 12, 2004

justpoleon dynaskins ... flippin' SWEET!

Ah, today was great. It was the long-awaited nerd day at school, and the day I have been planning on dressing up as Napoleon Dynamite. I got up at 5 a.m. to prepare (it didn't take me that long, I also just wanted to get to the ASB meeting early to avoid having a full classroom be the first ones to see me in costume... embarrassing...). Yesterday I bought some (semi-) cheap reading glasses from Don's Pharmacy and I smashed out the lenses with a hammer, and they were perfect for Napoleon glasses. Along with those, I had my "Vote for Pedro" shirt, my dad's black watch, some jeans, and some black moonboots. I also blow-dried my hair to the perfect degree of messyness. I was radiant with awesomeness. So I got to school like 20 minutes before the meeting started and was the first one there. Before I actually got to school I was pretty nervous because embarrassment is my worst fear ever, but I just kept telling myself that I'm a senior and if I don't do this now then I never will. Before I left the house, Jared saw me in costume and he laughed even though he was half-asleep, which is a sure sign that I looked funny and therefore like Napoleon. So anyways, back to school. Miranda and Whitney liked my costume and other people commented on it too. Trouble was, though, that nobody had seen the dang movie except for me and Whitney and Miranda and Tim and Jared... finally some kid said that movie was awesome and Ingrid said the same thing. It was good to finally get some recognition. Then in CWP I had to give a presentation on Ralph Nader, so I taped the name "Ralph" over Pedro. It was great, except people who hadn't seen the movie started calling me Pedro. For shame! When school ended I had to go to work, so I changed back into my normal shoes, threw an overshirt over the Pedro shirt, and went to work, but my hair was still messy so they were teasing me about it all day. Yep, that's what happened. Earlier Tim asked me if I would do it again, and yeah, I would... but only if I went back in time. If tomorrow was another nerd day, I wouldn't do it. The novelty would've worn off and people still wouldn't get it. If more people had seen it, it would have been great. Maybe I'll be Napoleon again for Halloween ... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!


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