Tuesday, September 21, 2004

After a two-week long hiatus, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back... Nitsuj Sniksah!!!

Thank you, Title! Thank you, thank you... really, thanks a lot... hi, thanks... yes, thank you, thank you... haha, how ya doin'... alright, settle down people... we gotta great show for you tonight!

Wow, long time no bloggage. Bloggage. That is the coolest word I have ever typed. Alright, let me first begin by filling in my faithful readers (you know who you are) with what I've been up to lately. Well, not much. School and work and Kingdom of Loathing. Moving on, let me talk about today. After getting up early to go to the ASB meeting, I sat through the ASB meeting. Then I talked to Mr. V. to see if he could translate some Calculus into English for me. (Tim, if you make a "staying after class for extra credit" joke, I will... um... siphon gas from your Jeep). So I think I did a good job on the quiz, but we'll see. English was boring and pointless as crap once again, but the no-work thing is still a plus. After school I went to Safeway to get a Mountain Dew Code Orange (don't question me, ok... there's Code Red, Code Green, Code Greenish Taco Bell Crap, Code Orange, and the newly formulated Code Black), and I got another free cap. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY... Then I went to work and met the kid that we hired in Steve's place. He's quiet and we didn't get to talk much and he wears glasses and he has a strange tattoo on his arm. More updates on him at a later date. I found out that W, T, F we're closing at 5 so I get to leave work early. yay. I was on a roll, but i've reached that point where i'm bored of blogging. andy! invite me to play hexic! you're not "busy", you lazy bum! come on! oh, yeah.... adios

Monday, September 06, 2004

it's labor day and my grandpa just ate seven (freakin') hot dogs

Not really, it's from a blink song... anywho, today was a good conclusion to our summer break. I went to Whitney's and we drove to the Kala Point pool, but on the way Whitney kept saying how nervous she was because we don't live in Kala Point and we couldn't remember how we got access to the pool last time. We got there and walked to the door, and saw a sign that said we needed a key to get in and remembered that last time we borrowed one from her sister Melissa. So we ran back to the car and went back to her house. We tried to swim in her pool, but the water was gaspingly freezing cold, so we decided on the hot tub. That wasn't turned on, so we turned it on and waited for it to heat up. That took forever so in the meantime, we went to town. We got hot dogs, went to fort worden, got ice cream, went to swain's and don's pharmacy, went to the bayview, went to qfc and got Sobes, went back to the hot tub, went back to the bayview, came to my house, then she went home. Now i gotta get my stuff ready for school and go to bed somewhat early. I don't really mind anymore that school's tomorrow... senior year shouldn't be too bad... it'll be fun i s'pose... what i do mind though is how my dad is so freakin' dramatic all the time. "Get off the computer at 8 so you can get your school stuff ready and fill out this permission slip to use the school computers!" .... like anybody really cares about it... "What time are you going to bed tonight?" ... "I don't know.." ... "Then I guess I'm telling you when!!"... man, when i have kids, i'm gonna be so nice and understanding... if they want to stay up late when they know fully well they have school the next day, who cares... they'll be tired and it won't affect me at all... being dramatic only puts more pressure on himself... *sigh*... adios

Sunday, September 05, 2004

i would kill to find the rewind button

Tonight I went to the drive-in. Tomorrow night is the last night of it for the summer, also known as the most depressing night of the year. Nothing depresses me more than the end of summer. I like fall, sure... but there's just something about the freedom slipping away and not being able to lay down and watch an outdoor movie or do whatever the heck we want all day that gets me down more than anything. I absolutely hate this feeling inside me that nothing will ever be the same after high school. It makes me want to cry, but I also feel stupid because I know I'm being ridiculous. I should go to bed before my thoughts get me into trouble.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

bored out of my mind

My parents are out of town and Whitney's hanging out with her friend. I am home alone and completely bored. I am so very hungry but also too lazy to find something to eat. I think Whitney tried to call me a few minutes ago but she had crappy service so I couldn't hear her. Maybe she was gonna invite me to dinner. I may never know. I am completely alone and I have absolutely no desire to do anything with what I have in the house. I'm hungry. *sigh*... somebody come over! please! anybody! i'm dyin' here! see ya.